• Image of Black Amethyst no.7
  • Image of Black Amethyst no.7

Black Galaxy Amethyst specimen.
Source: Brazil
I found this wording regarding black amethyst on the Haute Macabre website, and felt that Samantha's wording best described this magical stone,
"Each specimen creates a calm void, but not a cold one. A rare form of amethyst that is a relatively new discovery, there is little information available on their formation beyond their hematite properties in addition to the amethyst or their healing properties, but in my personal opinion, and how I have been working with them, is by accepting the soothing healing properties of amethyst themselves, and applying this to my Shadow Self. I feel a surrender when I am working with these, a wholeness and acceptance of my Shadow Self, the darker parts, those that I need to accept in order to heal."

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